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photographers, and business owners.
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Shop Easy-to-use backdrop boards for bloggers,
photographers, and business owners.

Check out our custom made brackets!

Are you a photographer or content creator who has experienced the frustration of backdrops falling over? We know this can ruin your photos and cause photoshoots to be less efficient. SnapIt Boards has created a bracket to solve this!

To get the most from your SnapIt Boards, these simple and easy to use brackets connect two boards to provide a surface as well as a backdrop for your photos.

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creators using Snaplt Boards


Creator of To The Motherhood blog | Founder of Fashion Fling and The Beauty Counter

This mom of 3 is also a blogger, writer, photographer, prop stylist, and nature enthusiast. She is the creator of the blog To The Motherhood, along with being the founder of both the Fashion Fling and The Beauty Counter.

Mel Ibarra

Video Creator | Food Enthusiast | Host of

At over 1 billion views on Facebook, Mel is creating videos that are capturing the internet. She's also hosting New Jersey's #1 website for news and information.

Brooke Harmer

Food Blogger at Ka Pai Cooking

Brooke is a recipe developer, food photographer, and nutrition coach. She creates delicious, healthy, and affordable recipes the whole family will love!

Jaclyn Dryden

influencer with the Hello Betty Company

Jaclyn is an influencer who loves to travel, and make yummy foods in with her husband. She loves technology, home decor, and sharing about the life she loves.

Amy S.

creator of The Nifty Foodie blog

Amy is a blogger with a passion for cooking, crafting, and mostly importantly chocolate. She lives in South Louisiana with her husband and their rescue dog Libby Loo.


creator of the Rice and Travel blog

Allen is a a food, travel, gaming, and pop culture enthusiast who produces digital media. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and he's always looking for new adventures.

Our Story

Snapit Boards was created by Billie Jean “Mimi” Strahan after seeing her grandson working on a similar product. She and her husband Bruce have more than a combined century of experience starting and running businesses, and she grew up in a family of avid photo enthusiasts. Business and photography was a natural fit.

She has witnessed and participated in the photographic revolution, from her father’s Polaroid™ instant camera on which her childhood memories were captured, to the 35mm SLR she used to record her own family memories, and now on to the digital cameras and camera phones of today that are used by her grandchildren.

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Hear what our customers have to say about SnapIt Boards

The Nagels

November 16, 2020

These boards are perfect – they are thick and sturdy with a really nice finish. There are no bubbles or stains and the surface can easily be wiped off if it gets dirty at all. They always lay flat and don’t get bunch up like fabric or bent/rippled like poster board.

Cathi Crimson

December 13, 2020

Having the perfect backdrop in photography can make or break a photo. Whether you’re a professional photographer, or snapping photos for a hobby, the backdrop can make a big difference. That’s how SnapIt Boards can save the day AND the photo.


August 1, 2021

Using the SnapIt Boards has made this whole busy holiday season so much more bearable. Instead of wasting all my time setting up my layflat boards over and over during the shoot and then photoshopping them so they aren’t lighted weird, I’ve been loving SnapIt Boards. With SnapIt Boards, you truly get the best of all worlds with a portable, washable solution that you can utilize the brackets for to set up your “studio”.


December 19, 2019

Blogging deadlines seem to crop up despite the state of my house, so I’m very grateful for SnapIt Boards! They provide a quick and easy backdrop that hides the imperfections of my setting, allowing the focus of my photo to stand out.


December 14, 2019

And it’s not just the look that I love about these backdrops. The set came with SnapIt Brackets that help to hold the backdrops together, so that I get photos with no visible seams. That is a total game changer for me. In the past, I’ve always had to use random objects to try and prop up whatever I have in the back, and it just doesn’t work in my favor.


November 17, 2019

Capture photos with backgrounds a normal backdrop can’t provide: Finishes like Alabaster and Rustic Rainbow add sophisticated touches to your content. Save yourself the time and investment scouting out unique backgrounds. Snapit boards are non-reflective, non-glare and satin finished.


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