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 Food Photography Backdrops

Great Food Photography Backdrops Will Make You Money

It's important to have a stable and good-looking background for your high-quality food photography because this will make the food pop!

Having an organic and natural-looking background can completely change the feel and mood of your picture, making it either elegant or playful.  Your consumers are influenced by your food photography. If they see a piece of shrimp plopped on a wooden cutting board, they might not think the place is as clean or high-end as you advertise.

A good-looking background will make it easier to sell your food and increase sales for your restaurant or catering business.

To sell your food, you need great pictures of it. Having a beautiful background to enhance your image is just the right thing for you!

This article will look at 5 reasons why using a beautifully crafted photography backdrop in your next shoot is crucial for increasing sales and overall food business success.

1) Great Food Photography Backdrops Make Your Food More Appealing

A bad background can not only cost you money and time, but it can also spoil your food presentation.

Maybe you are like the typical food photographer who will go down to the local hardware store to try and have a great idea come to your mind.

You look at thin plywood sheets, buy some ceramic tiles, or buy a few canvas drop cloths and try to come up with an interesting texture for your food photos.

Another type of background people will tend to use is from secondhand or antique stores, where people will look for a painted canvas backdrop, wooden backdrops, and other craft paint options.

While these are very common backdrop types and ideas people have, they often spend a lot of wasted time and money on the entire backdrop.

A low-quality background doesn't provide enough contrast with which to make the food stand out. To catch good pictures, you need a background that has some texture and makes for a clean/clear picture.

When you have a great camera and a perfect backdrop, people subconsciously make a decision on if they like your food or not. 

When you add a high-quality backdrop to your presentation, people make instant decisions that you care about your product and the quality is great. 

It is crazy what people will think about your product just because of a simple backdrop.

2) Elegant and Professional Food Photography Backdrops Make Your Food More Visually Appealing

An elegant food photography backdrop can make you look like a true professional. Take a picture of a platter of delicious, piping-hot homemade enchiladas and place them on a table that's too dark or not quite right, and your audience will know it! 

This is all about having the right overhead food shots for your blog post or social media. There are many reasons why you should invest in a great photography backdrop for your business.

Reason #1 :  Having a nice background helps to showcase the depth, clarity and beauty of your food. This is because you will find that with a beautiful, well-lit backdrop, the picture will instantly jump out at you.

Reason #2: A professional-looking background gives your photos a hint of sophistication - this ties into having professionalism in your business. People will notice the quality of your images, and they'll know that you're a leader in your industry.

Reason #3: Your food might look better, but it's actually more than just "seeming" or "looking" good. A professional-grade backdrop helps to bring out not only the natural beauty of each product on its own but the "natural beauty" of your business as well.

3) Great Food Photography Backdrops Give You Creativity with Your Food Images

Do you have a creative idea? Do you want to make some art by capturing the food's texture and color through background shading?

You can set up your own DIY backdrops but they take too much time and money, right? Sure. But at what cost?

You know that you need to have a nice backdrop and have your food look elegant on your website or social media so people enjoy what they are looking at.

With a creative background, you can post stunning images of food you've created, making the background even more important.

This is because what's being photographed will be seen over and over again in different lighting situations as well as throughout the lifetime of your business.

Having a variety of backdrops and backgrounds will solve any creative challenges you are having when it comes to food photography.

Including different textures and other elements while taking photos, such as old or vintage trays, may help create an appealing photograph.

Having dirty ceramic flooring tile as your background will absolutely not help you sell products. Consumers don't enjoy looking at delicious foods with dirty and gross backgrounds.

4)  A Professional Product Photography Backdrop Makes Your Food More Appealing to the Consumer

Using a professional backdrop will help to make your food and services look appealing to consumers. In fact, it goes beyond just physical appearances or beauty! 

The backdrop you choose is also important because, as mentioned above, it can affect how much of an emotional impact that your photograph conveys.

Warm tones, the nice fabric underneath the food, new backgrounds, and many more improvements can help you with the appeal factor.  Take for example the picture of a chocolate sauce drizzled over a creamy cupcake. That treat looks utterly delicious on its own, but how much more appealing is it with a white backdrop that perfectly sets off the color contrast?

A clean white background is gorgeous and will catch attention! A professional product photography backdrop can also help to imbue your business with the kind of professionalism that is so important in getting noticed.

5) Use Your Product Photography Backdrop to Promote Special Sales

Another great way to use a product photography backdrop for food photography, aside from showing off your delicious dishes as art and cataloging them online or through social media channels, is to create special promotions on limited-time offers.

For instance, you could offer a promo code when someone buys your products for a specific amount of money in the next week and show off your newest dishes with a special product photography backdrop as well.

Use your imagination to create any food or dish that is perfect for holiday product highlights! Think about how great it would be to have an article written about your food on the leading food website in your business niche and then to have it featured with a beautiful professional product photography backdrop. That would make any business get instant attention. Great photos get that attention, bad photos don’t.

With SnapIt Boards, you'll be able to create unique promotions for people to like and share all over social media!

A Solution You Need - SnapIt Boards Food Photography Backgrounds

There's a lot of problems we addressed, right? From terrible home improvement store visits, disgusting wooden backdrops, an ugly painted canvas, and more.

Now, let's establish something you absolutely need.

A SnapIt Board!

A great option is a SnapIt Board photo backdrop. It's simple to use and it will save you time and money by not having to buy several different things when trying to find the best background for your food photography.

When placing foods in front of our single or double-sided boards, you no longer need to go searching for inspiration for your backdrops.

Instead of a disgusting cutting board, check out our wooden food photography backgrounds that are stunning images vs real, moldy wood.

A good food photography background helps you with your food photography skills! And that can give you a better chance of getting noticed by a popular television show or online magazine.

If you have an ugly painted canvas hanging on your wall, replace it with something unique from our shop.

Our SnapIt Boards are great for food bloggers and food photography does not have to be hard. Fabulous food photography backgrounds are now easier than ever to find.

With a SnapIt board, you have an all-in-one background that is easily transportable, easily wipeable if it gets dirty, and will help create amazing pictures for you to make a great post.

Colorful backgrounds for food photography are vital. But the typical DIY food photography backdrop looks like a wet paper bag.

SnapIt Boards have versatile and beautiful color patterns, as well as rustic wood, concrete, and so many more.

The options are amazing and you can take your photography backgrounds to the next level.

SnapIt Boards are easy to set up, and they make it easier than ever to take high-quality photos of what you’re cooking without having to worry about messy backgrounds or ugly surroundings.

You can use these boards anywhere - at home, on trips, or even in the office!

The best part about using this product is that it's so easy to store and transport.

Check out our website for all of the stunning food photography backgrounds we offer and start using them with any food photography style you can think of.