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Behind the Scenes at SnapIt Boards

The Background of a Photography Backdrop Board Small Business

Some of our favorite photos are the "behind the scenes" with our customers. This is where you really get to see SnapIt Boards in action! Whether our photography backdrop boards are set up on a kitchen table or a chair, or even on the floor by a window, behind-the-scenes pictures really show off how our backdrop boards help create a mini studio for your photos! They are the perfect example of how you can get a beautiful photo anywhere...as long as you have the right backdrop boards!

Today we thought it'd be fun to give you a little behind-the-scenes at SnapIt Boards! As a small business, we really are hands-on in every aspect. The saying "When you buy from a small family business, an actual person does a little happy dance" is 100% true. We take great pride in providing you the highest quality product - whether you're purchasing our photography boards or our photography board brackets. All of our products are carefully inspected and packaged to ensure our quality standards are met.

All this happens at our shop in Plano, Texas. It's definitely a fun work environment. Every day, we come to work ready to get stuff done. Important stuff. Necessary stuff. In a small business, we ALL wear a lot of hats. And that means any of us are ready to wear any hat at any time! Everyone truly does a little bit of everything! Even the creator of SnapIt Boards spends days in the warehouse getting SnapIt Boards out to customers. Because our inventory is headed straight to our customers, packing with care and attention is vital!

Wait, is that an airplane in the background of these photos? Why, yes, it is! Our shop/hangar is where the magic happens. Our backdrop boards are shipped from the shop, and all of our SnapIt Brackets are handmade there too. In the summer, we've got the garage doors open wide (and enjoying that open-air as we kick this pandemic), and in the winter, we've got the portable heaters fired up. Because getting you high-quality flat lay boards and brackets is a year-round privilege!

It truly is our mission to deliver a remarkable experience to other people (that would be YOU!). We're a team, and we believe it's important to help each other out! And we want that passed on to our customers. We want our customers to experience joy and excellence in every interaction with us, even our shipping boxes.

So when you click "Add to Cart" for our photography backdrop boards and brackets, know that on the other end of that transaction, there's a happy dance happening and an actual team of people excited to personally pack your SnapIt Boards and brackets and ship them to you! And we hope you do a little happy dance too when they arrive!