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The Best Brackets for Photo Boards

Durable Photo Board Brackets Connect in a Snap

To get the most from your SnapIt Boards, you'll want a pair of our brackets - either our durable plastic Eggshell White or our Multi-Size Aluminum Brackets.

Our durable photo board brackets are easy to use to connect two boards to provide a surface as well as a backdrop for your photos. With two boards and 2 brackets, you have the perfect mini studio for shooting!

durable photo board brackets

How do SnapIt Brackets Work?

They're simple and connect your boards in a snap!

To put on your SnapIt Brackets, gently slide one side of the bracket on your board at an angle. Do not force the bracket on straight, which might catch the edge of your board and damage it.

Our Brackets are Multi-Purpose

Maybe you've been managing without brackets for your photoshoots. No more! Click "add to cart" today, and you'll be able to mix and match any of your SnapIt Boards to create a mini studio or photo box perfect for shooting from any angle! And our aluminum brackets work with other board brands too - from small to extra large boards and even regular foam board, our SnapIt Multi-Size Aluminum Brackets help you mix, match and hold up each photography surface for that 3D mini studio!

Riceandtravel photography mini studio

This is a great example of the SnapIt Multi-Size Aluminum Brackets at work to create a mini studio with our Midnight and Chuck Wagon boards for @riceandtravel's product shoot. For other ideas, check out this Pinterest board for inspiration from many bloggers and food photographers that are using our boards and brackets to create the perfect photo backgrounds.



Grab our brackets today, and you will be set up to start sharing your best images!