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Caring for Your SnapIt Boards

Caring for Your SnapIt Boards

To keep your SnapIt Boards looking picture-perfect, we have a few tips on storing and taking care of your SnapIt Boards:


Our SnapIt Boards can be cleaned in a snap! If you happen to spill or get food on your SnapIt Board during a photoshoot, no problem. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth. No detergents are needed as our boards don't stain! We do recommend cleaning and drying them promptly after a spill instead of letting it sit to ensure they last for many photoshoots!


We suggest that SnapIt Boards are not stored in direct sunlight to keep the colors looking their best! We also recommend storing your SnapIt Boards indoors as hot environments for extended periods could potentially warp your boards. Do not store your SnapIt Boards with heavy items on top, as they could leave indentations over a long period (heavy items during photo shoots are ok!).


The beauty of SnapIt Boards is that they're easy to transport. You can take your photo sessions on the road! SnapIt Boards are made from sturdy, 5mm (nearly ¼ inch) thick PVC foam. They are made to hold up to regular use and transportation. But we suggest transporting them flat or vertically to prevent damage.

Care During Use

To avoid scratching or damage, use extra caution when using heavy or sharp props. Never use a SnapIt Board as a chopping board. Avoid direct contact with heat - trivets (when photographing hot dishes) are your friend!

SnapIt Boards are sturdy and built to last for many years of making photos sizzle!