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Flat Lay Photography for the WIN with SnapIt Boards

Flat Lay Photography for the WIN with SnapIt Boards

Flat Lay Photography- "flat lay is a picture taken from a birds-eye view of a collection of items laid out on a flat surface. "

Flat lay photography is all the rage right now! Whether you're an influencer looking to grow your followers or just someone wanting to take great pictures for your social media, a good flat lay can make a huge difference. A good flat lay can tell a story. It can sell your product. It can draw people to your account.

A few flat lay tips to take your flat lays to average to spectacular:

1 - Pick a background

And this is where your SnapIt Boards come in clutch! You want a simple background that compliments whatever you are featuring. A classic white background typically works well because it doesn't distract from your props. Our Alabaster or Rustic White boards (or the Whites Combo pack) are a top choice. If you want some color in your background, there are SnapIt Boards for that as well. Looking for a rustic background? Try our Chuck Wagon or Rustic Rainbow boards.

2 - Shoot in natural light

Mornings or late afternoons typically provide the best for lighting your flat lays. The beauty of SnapIt Boards is that they're easy to move around, so try out different light sources. Maybe you have a large window or glass doors to shoot by. The morning light might be best in your office and afternoon light better in your bedroom. Move around and get creative! If at all possible, avoid overhead lights or a flash.

3 - Composing the flat lay

Assemble props based on the theme of your flat lays - varying sizes and shapes help create visual interest. Keep in mind your color scheme when choosing props. Space out the objects in your shot to keep the flat lay from looking cluttered. Create balance in the photo by mixing smaller objects with larger objects and placing objects of similar colors on both sides of the image. A busy background doesn't add to the photo, so make sure the photo focuses on what's most important. This is also a great time to experiment with different layouts. Move things around and be creative!

4 - Grab an extra pair of hands

Want a more candid flat lay? Some flat lays include hands in the shot. Grab a friend and have them act as your "hand model" to create a look that has a sense of movement and action. It'll be a whole lot easier shooting with a friend than trying to pose and photograph yourself at the same time!

5-Take the shot

Get up high with a stool or a ladder to start shooting. Creating distance between you and the flat lay will help fit everything into the shot. Get above and over the top of your flat lay for the best shot and to ensure it really looks flat. 

We hope these tips help you create the best flat lay photos for your blog or business! 

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