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Expert Food Photography Tips and Tricks

Expert Food Photography Tips and Tricks

Any time you check out our SnapIt Boards Instagram feed, be prepared for your mouth to start watering! When creating a recipe for beautiful food photographs, SnapIt Boards are a key ingredient for expert food photography.

There are endless food photography tips and tricks out there, but our first tip is to JUST GET STARTED! We have so many customers who purchased SnapIt Boards as they were just starting out on their food photography journey. You aren't going to be an expert food photographer on day one, and that's ok! Each time you grab your camera and SnapIt Boards, you will learn something new, and it's all about progress over perfection! But we also thought we'd share a few basics, so if you are just getting started, you have a launching point.


Of course, lighting for any type of photography is crucial! But it also doesn't have to break the bank! Natural lighting is always ideal, and thankfully our portable backdrop boards make it easy to take your food to the best light source! Soften shadows with a diffusor between the window and your SnapIt Boards. Don't have a diffusor? Try a thin white bed sheet or a large sheet of tracing paper! You also might grab both a white and black foam core board at your local craft store. The white card can bounce light into shadow areas to highlight details or brighten an area. The black cards can help add contrast with shadows. Often you can use a black card to stop light from hitting the background to ensure your food is the brightest part of your photo.


So many times, this isn't something you stop and think about. But with food photography, the angle is key and crucial to consider! Some food looks best when photographed overhead - for example, beautiful, iced cookies or the top of this smores dish! Those details would be missed if you were shooting at an angle.

But other food is best captured at an angle - a shot that captures something like syrup being poured or a custom cake would both lose so much if shot from overhead.

Backgrounds and Props

This is where SnapIt Boards can be your bread and butter! For a great image, you need a solid foundation. The backdrop you choose will set the tone and plays a huge role in the image you capture. You don't want a photography backdrop that distracts from or competes with your delicious subject. Instead, you want a backdrop board that can subtly add to your overall image.

Props are also a food photographer's friend! You don't want a cluttered shot, but adding the right props can really bring your food photography to life. Utilize props related to the main dish - ingredients, oils, and herbs that show how the dish was created. So many great props for food photography shots are ones you already have in your kitchen - linens, wooden bowls, spoons, and cutting boards, glass jars and bottles, and key baking dishes. These can all be incorporated into your food photography to take it to the next level.

Food photography styling is almost an art all on its own, so have fun with it and try different things! There are endless tips out there to get you started!

It doesn't matter if you've been a food photographer for years or if you're just getting started, SnapIt Boards can help! Pick out your favorite board or two and let us take your food photography to a whole new level!