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Camera Angles For Food Photography

Camera Angles For Food Photography

Camera Angles For Food Photography

Now that you have the perfect mini studio with gorgeous SnapIt Boards backdrops, it's time to start shooting! So you grab your camera...but then you have the question about what angle you shoot from. Choosing the right angle is a crucial component to capturing great food and product photography!

The good news is that there are really only three main camera angles to think through.

First, the straight-on or eye-level angle. Capturing food like burgers or sandwiches stacked with delicious ingredients is great straight-on. Shooting at eye level allows you to capture the details on the side. This angle also allows you to add depth and use props in the background/foreground to add dimension and texture to the photo.

Your second option is the 25-75 degree range. Some get more specific and call it the 45-degree angle, but we like keeping it as a fluid angle. This is an ideal angle range to shoot at if your subject has details on the top and the side - it's sometimes the best of both worlds (eye-level and flat lay). By keeping it fluid, you can adjust based on what you're shooting. If most of the details are on the top, but there are still things on the side you want to capture (i.e., dripping icing), you might go higher in your angle. This angle is a fun one to play around with to find the style that best fits you and your photo.

And last but not least is the flat lay. It's a great way to capture a photo with all the detail on top. An example is a plate of decorated cookies or a bowl of soup, or a shot where you want to show a full table scene. The flat lay is typically your go-to angle for food photography. The only time this isn't a good option is if your food is "closed" when you look down on it, like a sandwich (you gotta see the insides of a sandwich to make your mouth water!).

So grab your SnapIt Boards and start planning those angles. Think through, "What am I shooting?" and "What part is most important to highlight?" and "How am I styling it?"

Many times, once you answer those questions, the angle is a no-brainer. Pizza from eye level? You'd miss the cheese and the toppings (and isn't that what pizza is all about)? It has to be photographed from above! But a juicy burger? From the top, all you'd see is a bun, so obviously, the 45-degree angle is the way to go.

We hope these tips and tricks help you as you get creative shooting your food and product photography. The best part is that SnapIt Boards work at ALL angles! And we sure do love seeing the creative photography our customers come up with!