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Food Photography and Styling with Chef Allie

Chef Allie's Recipe for a Beautiful Photograph

We are big fans of Chef Allie here at SnapIt Boards, and we have to admit, her posts make our mouths water almost on the daily! Her food posts are beautiful, and they ALL look delicious! And we are proud to share them as she uses SnapIt Boards as her background, and we think she has pretty much mastered food styling. If you've followed us on Instagram for long, we can guarantee you've seen some of Chef Allie's creations shared in our stories!

Allie is a certified chef, wife, and mom of 3. She features amazing food creations and recipes on Instagram and her blog! She started her page to show others what food you can still eat and lose weight at the same time. She lost 100 pounds in a little over a year just by lightening up her favorite foods! Wow-what an accomplishment!

Why did you decide you needed SnapIt Boards, and how do you use them for your business?

I needed something different for my background for my food photography, rather than just using a counter or a cutting board. SnapIt Boards have amazing options and designs, and I just fell in love with them!

Where's your favorite spot to use your SnapIt Boards?

I use SnapIt Boards in my studio. I place them on my table with some photography lights and go to work!

What benefits do you see when using your SnapIt Boards?

I love being able to snap them together, and they are great too because they are reversible! I'm also a big fan of the bag - I can store my boards in it, so they don't get ruined, and I can easily move them from room to room or on the go!

Favorite SnapIt Board?

Rustic Rainbow is my favorite board!

Who do you think could most benefit from SnapIt Boards?

Really anyone who loves to take pictures of products or just loves to capture beautiful food! They are great for beginners or professionals!

Favorite thing/feature/aspect about the boards?

The ability to reverse!

What are your top 3 can't-live-without tools for food photography?

SnapIt Boards, photography lighting, and props (her props take her food styling to the next level!)

If you're needing some meal planning inspiration (all while keeping it light and healthy), go give Chef Allie a follow! You'll get to see some delicious recipes and some fantastic food photography with what we think are some beautiful photo backdrops! They're a perfect combination for next week's menu plan!