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Kate Jaynes Floral Photos Take Bloom on SnapIt Boards

Kate Jaynes Floral Photos Take Bloom on SnapIt Boards

We love getting to chat with our SnapIt Board customers and hearing (and seeing!) how they've put the SnapIt Boards to use making their photos sizzle! Kate Jaynes Floral was one of our very first customers. It was a perfect match - as she was launching her company, we were launching ours. 

Kate Jaynes Floral is a full-service floral design company specializing in daily deliveries and small events such as bridal and baby showers. Kate fell in love with floral design when she started working in a floral design shop in college. After college, she went on to work for a large-scale event planner and then later did floral for an interior design showroom. 

"It's always been in my blood. I loved it from the beginning and am excited about launching my own floral design company because flowers make me happy and I think they make other people happy too!" Kate told us.

Why did you decide you needed SnapIt Boards, and how do you use them for your business?

When I started working on launching my business website and social media, I needed an easy backdrop to shoot product images. I needed something that would help me achieve a consistent look on my social media profiles. 

I found SnapIt Boards and decided to give them a whirl to see if they could help make capturing stock images easier. I loved that they are something that I can move around with and something that can work with outdoor or interior lighting for styled photos. It's not some huge background I have to lug around and spend lots of time installing and setting it up. The SnapIt Boards are just so easy – you just "snap it together!"

Where's your favorite spot to use your SnapIt Boards?

I prefer natural light for floral, as I think it shows all the small details better. I've actually used the boards outside in my backyard, just set up on a table. I can take it outside wherever the light is best at the time and move it around.

How often do you think you'll be able to use SnapIt Boards in your business?

I definitely think I'll use them weekly, if not daily. It's nice to have something I can easily use to take a picture before an order goes out the door. As the seasons change, my SnapIt Boards will also get lots of use to highlight new floral designs. They will be a huge asset for me being able to create more content for social media easily.

The durability of the boards has been great! I also appreciate the ability to wipe them off. I was recently shooting a floral arrangement and got a little water on one board. It was great that the SnapIt Board didn't stain or bubble, and I could just easily wipe it off without damage to the board. Food or floral photography might have spills on the boards, but the fact that you can make a mess on them and it doesn't ruin them and you don't have to buy another board is super nice.

Favorite combo?

My favorite has to be the Alabaster board – the white marble is just so clean. I also love to pair the Alabaster board with the Midnight board – the contrast is excellent, and color pops off those two boards.

Who do you think could most benefit from SnapIt Boards?

The boards are an excellent fit for anyone in the creative industry or bloggers – from food to floral to clothes to retail. Really they're perfect for anyone that needs the flexibility to be able to move around and take pictures of their products quickly and on the go.

The price point was also a huge seller for me, and I think it will be for others as well. As a new company, I wasn't sure about making a large investment yet. SnapIt Boards are perfect for people getting started. They're a great tool to have as you get websites and social media up and running. When you need great product shots that are achievable and affordable at the same time, SnapIt Boards are perfect! They're amazing quality for the price and overall make sense.

We can't thank Kate enough for sharing her thoughts and her beautiful photos with us! You can find her on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, and of course, her website if you want to see some awesome combos of gorgeous floral arrangements on our SnapIt Boards!