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3 Steps to Creating a Mini Photography Studio

SnapIt Boards Mini Studio For Food and Product Photography

SnapIt Boards make the perfect mini studio for photography. But what do you need to create that mini studio? First, you need 2 SnapIt Boards and a set of SnapIt BracketsOur simple and easy to use plastic brackets connect two boards to provide a surface as well as a backdrop for your photos. With the brackets, you can mix and match any of your SnapIt Boards to create the perfect mini studio. Next, you'll need to add a camera with a tripod and lighting, and you are SET with a perfect and portable mini studio!


Once you get your SnapIt Boards and brackets, we have a couple of tips to help make the perfect mini studio! To put your SnapIt Brackets on your boards, gently slide one side of the bracket on your board at an angle. Do not force the bracket on straight, which will catch the edge of your board and damage it. The key is sliding it on gently and at an angle to avoid damaging your board. With our brackets, you can create a unique background photography setup in less than a minute! The board combinations are endless!


Grab your camera (if you're not sure which camera to buy, check out this guide) and a tripod! We've researched the best tripod under $100, and this Geekoto AT24 Pro 77 inch tripod is the winner! It's small, compact, and comes with a perfect carrying case for on-the-go. The legs are easy to adjust and the height can go from 19" to 77"! You want your tripod to be tall enough to get eye level with your subject, so this is the perfect tripod for shooting photos and videos in your mini studio! This tripod also includes a built-in level which makes a huge difference in getting the perfect shot. 


We know natural light is best, but sometimes that just can't happen. Good thing there are a lot of affordable lighting accessories out there to make your photos pop in the perfect light! One of our partners shared his favorite lighting for a mini studio with us, and we think his recommendation is perfect for food and product photography! 

"I like using LED Light Panels that have dimmers and changeable color temps since I do a lot of action food shots (pours, drops, etc.). I recommend the Viltrox VL-200 LED Light Panels or something similar!" - Allen, @ricenadtravel

With these three steps, you'll be ready to create, snap and share your best pics ever with hashtag #snapitboards! Happy snapping!

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