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A New Photography Combo Pack - The Carry Pack

Our Mega Pack and Combo Packs have become fan favorites. We get it - buying the FULL mini-studio all at once makes photography life easy! So we're excited to introduce our newest combo pack - The Carry Pack.

The Carry Pack includes one Indigo Sky SnapIt Board, one Rustic Rainbow SnapIt Board, and two SnapIt Brackets to connect the two boards. But this pack also contains one SnapIt Bag that is perfect for transporting your boards and brackets.

A little more about what's included -
Our Indigo Sky is a board that can help unlock the artist within with a marble background of light, soft swirls, and patterns for added mood.

Our Rustic Rainbow board is just that - a rainbow to provide an extra vibrant splash of happy colors for your photo backgrounds.

With two SnapIt Boards, you won't want to be without your SnapIt Brackets (which is why this pack includes 2 - one for each side of your SnapIt Board)! These simple and easy-to-use brackets connect two boards to provide a surface as well as a backdrop for your photos. Two boards plus two brackets equal a mini studio ready for shooting beautiful photography.

And last but not least, this is the first combo pack that includes our SnapIt Bag. Our customers have loved having a simple solution to store and transport their SnapIt Boards! The bag is an unbleached 100% Cotton Muslin Tote with an inner pocket that's perfect for holding your brackets. It holds up to 4 SnapIt Boards (so you can even buy a second Combo Pack, and they will all still fit) and has large shoulder straps to keep hands free for cameras and props.

We love helping provide solutions for your photography backdrop board needs, and with free shipping from our website, The Carry Pack makes it easy for you to connect and snap and capture amazing photographs at home or on the go!