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Multi-Size Aluminum Edition SnapIt Brackets

Multi-Size Aluminum Edition SnapIt Brackets

We're excited to introduce our newest product to you - the Multi-Size Aluminum Edition Brackets! To get the most from your SnapIt Boards, these simple and easy to use brackets connect two boards to provide a surface as well as a backdrop for your photos.

These Multi-Size Aluminum Edition Brackets will work with our 5mm SnapIt Boards. Have other 3mm photo boards? No problem, these new brackets will work with those too! From small photo backdrops to medium backdrop boards to large and extra-large ones, the Multi-Size Aluminum Brackets help you mix, match, and hold up each photography surface for that unique 3D photo setting. They make shooting from different sides a snap!

Our Multi-Size Aluminum Edition Brackets are made to last forever using aircraft-grade aluminum. They won't break, snap or shatter! The brackets may be little, but they can hold up any product photography background until you get that just-right pic. And they're made right here in the good ol' US of A! They come with a screw-top can for easy storage, and we guarantee they're the behind-the-scenes secret to making flat lay background boards not so flat!