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Protecting Your Photo Boards is Easier Than You Think

Protecting Your Photo Boards is Easier Than You Think

SnapIt Boards make your photos sizzle, but we want to help make sure your SnapIt Boards stay in picture-perfect shape! Our photo board maintenance is easy peasy!

SnapIt Boards were designed to be easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to transport! They are durable, waterproof, and have a non-reflective, non-glare satin finish which makes them perfect for food photography. In case of a spill, you just wipe with a damp cloth. And don't worry about pesky stains - keep them clean, and our flat lay backgrounds don't stain! And our boards were made to travel, so you can be ready anywhere for that perfect photo shoot.

Clean in a Snap

One of our partners, @fitgypsyfitness, recently shared a photoshoot that demonstrates just how easy clean up is with our boards. She was photographing a baked good to feature her Brownie Batter Protein Powder. Working with chocolate can sometimes be messy and some of the chocolate ended up on her Rustic White board. With just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth, the boards are picture perfect and ready for the next photo shoot. Chocolate is no match for SnapIt Boards!

SnapIt Board cleanup


Snap On-The-Go

Traveling with your photo boards? No problem! Need something convenient to store them in? We've got you (and them) covered! You can protect them during storage and during transport with a SnapIt Board Carrying Bag! The bag allows you to easily keep them clean and in pristine condition as you "tote" them between your studio or home and the photoshoot location. This rugged canvas bag safeguards up to 4 of our flat-lay backdrops from bending, creasing, dirt and stains during storage and transportation.

If you are looking to up your food photography photo game, grab your SnapIt Boards and check out these awesome tips for beautiful food photography! With minimal maintenance, your SnapIt Boards will be your go-to for photoshoots for years to come. Whether you're at the office, in your studio, or on-site at a restaurant or product shoot, you can wow your clients with amazing lifestyle images that sizzle!