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Instant Photo Studio for Professional Food Photos

SnapIt Boards Create Instant Photo Studio for High-Quality Professional Food Photos

When we launched SnapIt Boards, we knew they could be the answer so many food photographers were looking for! But watching them take off with so many bakers has really been the icing on the cake (or cookie)! Our Instagram feed constantly leaves us craving sweets, and we are amazed at the works of delicious art being featured on SnapIt Boards!

Alyssa, or better known to many as @cookiequeennc, is one of those amazingly talented bakers - or really she's a cookie and cake ARTIST! She started cake decorating when she was 16 doing all the cakes out of her family's bagel shop/bakery. After graduating, she went on to start a successful girls clothing brand.

Enter 2020. When Covid had everyone working from home, she found herself with lots of extra time. 

"I had always been fascinated with watching cookie videos on Pinterest, so I started teaching myself by watching videos on the Internet. A hobby quickly turned into a business, and Cookie Queen was born at the start of 2020."

Why did you decide you needed SnapIt Boards?

Once my cookies started looking pretty enough to photograph and share, I realized I knew nothing about photography. I ordered some backdrops online, and they were just not good for what I was trying to achieve. They would get creases or reflect the light from my flash or ring light. I came across SnapIt Boards and was instantly intrigued. After receiving my first set of boards, I knew they were exactly what I needed

What's your favorite aspect about the boards?

My favorite thing about them, besides being so durable, is they can be wiped clean!! That is a huge deal when doing food photography. The options are awesome and expanding.

Where's your favorite spot to use your SnapIt Boards, and how often do you utilize your boards?

I know it will sound like I am being paid to say this (I promise, I'm not!), but I literally use my SnapIt Boards EVERY DAY. I take about 20 orders a week and photograph nearly everything. I use them in the bakery - near the front window because it offers amazing natural light. 

What benefits do you see using SnapIt Boards?

Taking a snap of a cake on the workbench looks decent but definitely not Instagram or website worthy. SnapIt Boards create an instant photo studio anywhere you are and creates high-quality professional photos.

I recommend SnapIt Boards to all fellow bakers.

Now that you've picked up some photography skills to accompany your baking skills, what are your must-have photography products when shooting with SnapIt Boards?

When taking flat photography, I pop my board into my lightbox to get the perfect overhead shot. If I'm using 2 SnapIt Boards for a mini studio, I use a ring light or natural light.

The Cookie Queen was recently featured on CBS17 - check it out for some cookie decorating tips from the pro. It's amazing what she can do with icing! Or just leave the baking to Alyssa - she ships her cookies (and decorating supplies if you want to try your hand at it!) anywhere in the USA. If you're craving a cake or cupcakes, you'll need to head to North Carolina for your next sweet treat!