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Photo Boards Among Top Photography Tools

Photo Boards Rank as Best Tool for Product and Food Photography

When it comes to photography tools, the options are endless. We thought our customers might like hearing from different photographers on their top 3 photography tools to bring your photos to life!
Photographer Michael Wilson started MJWPHOTO 3 years ago. He focuses on product and food photography but is also a professional headshot and branding portraits photographer. Michael says his top photography tools are:
1 - C-stands. There are so many uses for c-stands! I find myself always needing one for lights or to hold a product in place.
2 - SnapIt Boards because photo boards are versatile, so easy to use, and make great images without a lot of set up.
3 - Finally, I would have to say my camera.  Nothing in my workflow is possible without my camera. I shoot with a Panasonic G9.


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