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Photographing Seasonal Themes

Photographing Seasonal Themes: Tips and Tricks

Photographing Seasonal Themes: Tips and Tricks to Prepare

As we are heading into fall, there are many amazing tips and tricks that you need to be prepared for if you want to have a great photography business!

As seasons change, you may also change up your product offerings and will need to capture the change in your photos.

The best part about photographing seasonal themes is that it changes your scenery and allows you to try new things. In this blog post, we will go over some tips and tricks for preparing for a photoshoot in the fall season.

3 Tips You Must Know Before a Fall Photo Shoot

Before the shoot, you need to be prepared and know what works best for you. Here are our top three tips on how to prepare yourself before any photoshoot:

#1 Pack a wardrobe that matches your photoshoot ideas!

This may seem like common sense, but it is important that when you plan out your outfit ahead of time. If you have a photo session with models, be prepared to incorporate different outfits, backgrounds, and props. Doing this will create a more creative photoshoot and allows you to get creative.

Is your photoshoot going to be black and white? Do you need to have a wardrobe and set-up for double exposure? Having the right wardrobe isn't as necessary for food photography but ensuring you have the best background and props is what will ensure your photography ideas come to life.

#2 Get your mind right for your photography project!

If you are doing a themed photoshoot, such as Fall or Christmas time, it is very important that you get into the mindset of the season. For example, if you're photographing pumpkins in October for Halloween - be sure to think about what each pumpkin represents and how they may look. Any background or props are great for a theme, but you want to ensure they do not take away from the main purpose of your subjects. Taking photos is more than a wide-angle, a lens, the frame, and exposure rate.

Photographers can often mess up a project by having the wrong perspective. Ensure you are mentally ready for product photography, creative photography or food photography - and make the best images possible.

Are you using the nature around you for inspiration? Are the flowers in the background going to play with the exposure? Is natural light better or do you need to take photos with extra lights? Being prepared will help you tremendously when your mind is right.

#3 Do your research and know the rules of each creative photoshoot!

There are many rules to creative photography, but it may be different for each photoshoot. For example, if you're photographing models - then knowing what the best poses and angles are will help ensure your success!

Food Photography is a little bit more challenging than other types of product photoshoots because it isn't as much about the styling and what you have to shoot. You need to know where your light is coming from, how it looks on camera, and if you're using natural or studio lighting!

If you are working with a client, you have to make sure you capture their vision as well. They may have a photoshoot idea that you did not even consider. Incorporating the client's ideas is a great way to ensure you capture the themes needed to meet their requirements.

There are more tips to consider, but these are the main three you should be aware of when it comes to preparing for your upcoming seasonal themes for a photoshoot. 

3 Tricks to Consider This Holiday Season

#1 Seasonal Food Photography Tricks

Food photography may seem harder than other types - because it is. Food sometimes cannot stay still and will require you to worry about the background, props, styling, light sources (natural or studio), frame of view, exposure rate, and more!

One of the best tricks you can implement for your background is our SnapIt Boards. These boards give you a simply beautiful, elegant, and easy-to-use background for your photos.

The boards come in a variety of designs to give you a classic, timeless background. Using these backgrounds is a great trick, especially when you are changing up the backgrounds for the upcoming seasons.

#2 Seasonal Creative Photoshoot Tricks

There are many ways you can leverage props for your photoshoot but also, learning how to enhance photos in post-production is a great way to step up your photography game.

Learning how to blur or soften the background will help ensure you have a nice clean look.  This is something you can do with the right software or app on your smartphone.

It's important to consider how each prop will affect the exposure rate of your photos because it could leave an ugly mark in some cases! Think about what kind of props you have and if they work well for the photoshoot before taking them out.

For example, adding the look of snow in your photo can be a tricky effect to add. You want it to look realistic, which means you have to think about exposure rates and how the snow will interact with other elements in your photo!

If you have leaves falling in the background, but they do not look as clean in post-production, then adding some leaves in the background with photoshop can be an easy way to add context to your images.

These are just some of the tricks for creative photoshoots, but there are many more including seasonal themes as well

Here are some of our favorite props:

- Glass Bottles - they make great vases and can also be used for softening your frame!

- Flower Petals & Leaves are perfect for any type of creative photoshoot, especially when you're trying to achieve a soft and elegant background.

- You will love our rustic wood boards if you're going for that classic look! They are also perfect for adding some texture to the photo as well.

#3 Seasonal Product Photography Tricks

Product photography is all about the details. You need to ensure you capture everything in its best light for a successful photoshoot!

One of our favorite tricks when it comes to product photos, especially with darker objects or black items - add some white balance lights (or studio lighting) into your photo! This will enhance the product and give it a clean, clear look.

You also want to be sure you have high-resolution images for your client because they are going to need them in order to promote their products!

Here are some of our favorite apps:

- Snapseed - This is an easy app that will help with white balance lighting and also, you can easily remove any unwanted background in your photo.

- Adobe Spark - this is the perfect app for making collages to showcase different seasonal themes or products! It's great if you want to display more than one product with your photos.

- Enlight - another amazing and easy app that will help with white balance lighting as well as cropping your photos.

It’s easy for product photography to fall flat when you don’t take the right steps beforehand. The key is to know what your client needs before they do and make sure that you are capturing everything in its best light! From white balance lighting, high-resolution images, cropping photos – there are many tricks of the trade that will help ensure a successful photo shoot.