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Photography Backdrop Boards Elevate Content Creation

Food and Lifestyle Blogging + SnapIt Boards

As SnapIt Boards has grown, we have loved getting to partner with bloggers and content creators across the U.S. There are so many incredible people that our photo backdrop boards have allowed us to connect with! One of those is Dominek Tubbs...although she might be better known as Dom N' The City!

Dom N' The City is a food and lifestyle blogger based in NYC. She created Dom N' The City in December 2017 and highlights businesses from marginalized communities, quick and easy recipes, and blogging tips. And amazingly enough, she juggles Dom N' The City and manages a full-time career! Go, girl, go! In fact, her last blog was a great article about doing just that - maintaining a blog while working full time!

Hearing straight from our customers using SnapIt Boards day-in and day-out offers great insights for us as a small business. We love the idea of small businesses helping each other out (Dom has been a huge promoter of SnapIt Boards and has sent so many new customers our way!), so we wanted to share Dom's insights with all of you!

Dom N The City testimonial

Why did you decide you needed SnapIt Boards, and how do you use them for your business? How often do you utilize your boards?

I was surfing the web and was looking for something to elevate my at-home photography. I found SnapIt Boards, and now I use these backdrop boards weekly.

Where's your favorite spot to use your SnapIt Boards?

My go-to spots - in my kitchen near the window or in my office.

What benefits do you see when using your SnapIt Boards?

Photography backdrop boards create a more polished look for my photos. They really have made a lot of my photography pop at home.

Favorite combo?

Alabaster and Subway

Who do you think could most benefit from SnapIt Boards?

Food bloggers, restaurants, and e-commerce businesses.

Favorite thing/feature/aspect about the boards?

How easy they clean with a simple wipe down! And let's not forget the VARIETY of options SnapIt Boards come in.

Your top 3 product photography tips?

  1. For beginners, use Pinterest as a visual guide or inspiration.
  2. Download Lightroom mobile app for on-the-go photo editing.
  3. Get comfortable with the manual setting for more control of your photos.

Dom N' The City recently hit 10k followers on Instagram - congrats! If you're not already following her, go give her a follow! You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!