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Staying On Trend: 2022 Tidbits that Will Transform Your Product Photography

Staying On Trend: 2022 Tidbits that Will Transform Your Product Photography

Change is the name of the game when it comes to photography of every kind but especially when it comes to product photography. Want to show consumers you're a serious, trusted brand? Trade your current photography trend for what’s new and truly trendy in 2022. We know, we know, you were just getting used to yours, but we think you’ll be a fan.

Mobile Madness. Do we really even need to say it? Smartphones are taking over our world, and photography is no exception. In 2022, if you’re not taking product photos on your device, you're behind the curve. While DSLRs have always been the go-to cameras for professionals, the biggest brands are starting to embrace these cameras’ biggest competitors—which just so happen to be between our hands. Smartphones are upping their photography game, and they’re an essential way to up yours.

Rugged Vibes. That’s right. It started in our homes, and now that rugged, backdoorsy style it’s taking over our product marketing too. Backgrounds such as rock slabs, wood boards, grass, logs, and basically anything simplistic, clean, and down-to-earth (quite literally) are where it’s at in 2022. These neutral, textured settings will give your photos an organic, harmonious feel, never taking away from the product you’re trying to sell. So get outside and get creative because you’ll be seeing this more and more among the top brands, and there’s no reason you can’t be one of them!

Natural Backgrounds. On the same note, in 2022, the coolest companies will be displaying their products where we’ve all grown a little more accustomed to being over the past couple years—ya know, outside! And most won’t be taking elaborate trips to the coast to do it. Instead, they’ll be putting those fancy photo-editing features to use by blending their product into beautiful landscapes naturally. Ski Boots in Hawaii? Slip N' Slides in Alaska? Anything is possible in 2022.

Authentic Imagery. Oh 2022, the year of extremes…or not?! While editing your product into backgrounds may seem “inauthentic,” the year’s overarching photography trend really is authenticity: real landscapes, real elements, and real-life looking people and scenes. Everyone has had their fill of social media perfection, so reverting to a more understated style—one with an emphasis on softened light, muted tones, color casts, and realistic, imperfect scenes—is a sure-fire way to connect consumers to your product. So drop the glitz, the glam, and grueling details in 2022! New year, real you only.

Subtle Movement. Who says photos have to sit still? Newsflash: In 2022, they don’t, or shouldn’t—at least not all the time. Now that GIFs are all the craze, short meme clips are on every Insta page, and there’s a Youtube video for just about everything, our brains are used to being distracted by movement. In fact, they crave it! So, if you want people to fully engage with your marketing, you won’t go wrong with a hint of motion. And this doesn’t mean creating promo videos! Even the illusion of motion—of your product in action—will draw them in. So give it a whirl, and watch your merchandise fly off the shelves (puns intended).

So, what do you think? Ready for 2022? Well, take these tidbits with you because ready or not, here it comes!

Photo credit - @roziebakes