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10 Product Photography Tips & Tricks to Boost Sales on a Budget

Visuals are everything when it comes to product photography.

If you’re a DIY, small business owner on a budget, that statement can be a little daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! Apart from the obvious (buying one of our SnapIt Boards!), there are a number of photography tips and tricks you can embrace to help your products stand out and SELL OUT without breaking the bank! Here are 10 of our favorites:

1. Take close-ups

Looking to add artistry to your brand? Take a close-up (aka macro shot) of your product. These are great for smaller items or really anything with a high level of detail. We’re talking cupcakes, jewelry, even coffee beans! Customers love to see what they’re getting, and highlighting the elements that may go unnoticed is the perfect way to show them that your product is unique—and worth every penny. 

2. Display options or variations

We all do it: Swipe to see every color of that t-shirt before we click Add to Cart. We like variety, and when spending money, we want to be sure we choose the best. So make it easy on us! Start by taking a group photo of your product in multiple colors, flavors, sizes, whatever the variation may be. Then show those options individually. This will prevent your customers from going with a competitor, and it’ll prevent you from having to go through all those dissatisfied customer reviews.

3. Work with props

Props not only make your products seem real and functional; they also create an ambiance, a mood, that’s reflective of your brand. A plate by itself is just a plate, but a plate of cookies next to a glass of milk is a symbol of comfort and home. Other products can be props too, which is awesome for increasing your sales all around.

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4. Incorporate human elements

Kind of like with props, incorporating people into your photos will enhance the realism of your product. Showing a hand, a face, or even a framed picture will help customers imagine themselves within the context of what you're selling and serve to personalize your brand, sending the message that your business is not just about selling goods but serving real people.

5. Capture different angles

Most consumer-based sites only feature straight on, eye-level shots of products, but customers actually prefer to see products from every angle so they can feel certain that what they are seeing is what they’ll get. In other words, don’t leave room for surprises! Capture products from above, from the side, back, and so on to diversify your photo collection, increase customer confidence, and show off features that aren’t seen at first glance.

6. Include the packaging

You can’t beat the excitement of opening a gift (or watching someone open yours), just like you can’t beat a photo that recreates it. Including product packaging in photos is an elegant, cost-effective way to spruce up your visuals and introduce customers to more of your brand. The key? Keep it clean and tasteful.

7. Showcase who you are

Any successful brand has a distinct personality, and you, as the business owner, are a huge part of this! What do you want customers to think of when they see your products? What do you want them to feel? Consider the uniqueness of your brand and mission, and make sure this is somehow conveyed in your product photos—even if it’s subtle. The more you iterate who you are, the more recognizable and trusted you become, and that’s what’ll keep customers coming back again and again.

8. Show the process

In a world where manufacturing and mass production is the norm, people love to get a glimpse of the more intimate work that goes into creating a product—and there’s no better place to show them than in your photos! Whether it’s sketching the product, assembling it, or wrapping it in-store, the best rule of thumb is to present the steps of your process that require the most thoughtfulness and care. This lets customers know that you take pride in your work, and they can too.

9. Pay attention to color

Ever heard of Color Theory? If not, Google it! Research shows that colors are inherently emotive, meaning that they can make viewers feel and think certain ways. This is BIG news for product photography because it means that if your product can leave the right impression, it can sell. So take a second to figure out what colors work for you, and plan your visuals accordingly. 

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10. Keep it simple

The plain and simple fact is that if customers get confused or overstimulated, they won’t buy. So strive to keep your photos plain and simple—in a good way. We’re not saying to use a white background every time, but we are saying to keep your product the center of attention. Avoid poor object placement and overusing props and colors.

Start using these ideas, and pretty soon, people will be asking what photographer you hired! Now, get to snappin’, and remember: You’ve so got this.