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SnapIt Boards - April Newsletter

SnapIt Boards - April Newsletter

Flat lay photography is all the rage right now! Whether you're an influencer looking to grow your followers or just someone wanting to take great pictures for your social media, a good flat lay can make a huge difference.

This month we put together a few flat lay tips to take your flat lays to average to spectacular!



No, it's not our birthday yet! But we do have something to celebrate! 🎉

If you'll look close you'll see TWO NEW SnapIt Boards! Get excited...we've got a 2-sided board coming your way! Concrete on one side and Subway on the other! Stay tuned, and we'll let you know just as soon as these are available!

Our SnapIt Boards are the perfect backgrounds for any photography. From product photography to food photography backdrops and more, SnapIt Boards will help you create, snap and share your best!
Collect a picture perfect set of photography backgrounds - Rustic Rainbow, Indigo Sky, Rustic White, Midnight, Alabaster & Chuck Wagon...and soon Concrete and Subway!
Each flat lay backdrop board is printed in ultra-realistic 300dpi with non-reflective, no glare material. SnapIt Boards are easy to use, don't stain, and just wipe clean with a damp cloth!