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The Real Deal for Product Photography

When it comes to product photography, you want the focus to be your product. You don't want distractions to pull attention from what you're trying to feature. And what better way to keep the main thing, the main thing, than with a great background?! 

We got to visit with Casey LaConte, owner of Real Deal Steel, and we wanted to share how they're putting SnapIt Boards to use with their product photography and especially as they launched into the social media world with their business!

Real Deal Steel is a drinkware company based in the Heartland, co-founded by a husband and wife team. In 2017 Jacob and Casey LaConte were searching for a specific type of stainless steel coffee mug with no luck. So they decided to create the mug they had envisioned. And let us tell you, this is good lookin' drinkware!

"We found a lot of the same designs everywhere and decided we wanted to start a different kind of drinkware company, one that keeps it real and encourages authenticity and uniqueness. We try to think outside the box to offer products with different designs and provide quality that stands the test of time (not to mention reducing waste). We do our best to improve upon existing products to make them our own or create new designs from scratch," Casey shared with us.

Why did you decide you needed SnapIt Boards, and how do you use them for your business? How often do you utilize your boards?

We use SnapIt Boards to take pictures for Amazon, our website, and our social media accounts. Starting a social media account for our business seemed like such a daunting task, and we delayed our debut because of it. The idea of needing to create new content can be intimidating, and these boards let us keep it fresh by mixing up backgrounds and trying different board combinations. It's amazing what you can do with an iPhone and SnapIt Boards, so we've used them quite a bit!

What benefits do you see when using your SnapIt Boards?

They're so easy to set up and take a quick pic, yet the professional vibe helps break up some of our more candid photography in our Instagram and Amazon feeds.

We promise no boring tumblers or water bottles here. SnapIt Boards help showcase our unique products with unique backgrounds!

Do you have a favorite SnapIt Boards combo?

The Mega Pack was our first purchase, and it's still used often. It's hard to choose just one favorite since we have almost all of the boards! I LOVE the Alabaster and Subway combination since it looks like you're shooting in a fancy kitchen, but the Woods Combo Pack is great for a pop of color. I have to add that the Aluminum Brackets are another great addition to our collection!

Who do you think could most benefit from SnapIt Boards?

I would definitely recommend SnapIt Boards to anyone looking for an easy way to class up their product or food photography. The best part about them is how easy they are to use and all the different combination possibilities. They are also very easy to keep clean since they are waterproof.

What are your top 3 product photography tools?

My favorite photography tools to use are these boards, a light stand, and a tripod (we do some cool pour shots with our cups)!

And from one small business to another, we loved reading their "Why Real Deal?" Someone that is the real deal is someone that won't let you down, a person that is authentic and trustworthy ... Sounds like a pretty good sentiment for a company to live up to. Let's all Keep it Real together! 

You can shop and keep up with Real Deal Steel here:

Instagram: @keepitrealdealsteel

Facebook: @keepitrealdealsteel

Website: keepitrealdealsteel.com

Amazon: amazon.com/realdealsteel