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Watch BJ's Baby Go! SnapIt Boards is Turning 2 and Growing Fast

Watch BJ's Baby Go! SnapIt Boards is Turning 2 and Growing Fast

If you’ve ever operated in business, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “price, speed, quality - pick two”. It articulates the necessity to set expectations as it’s impossible to achieve all three. At SnapIt Boards, it can take as many as ninety days for a new design to come to fruition. With such stringent quality standards, the SnapIt Boards team, lead by Billie Jean “BJ” Strahan, is obviously in no rush to bring beautiful, high-quality photography background boards to their customers that are at one of the lowest price-points in the market. Since launching SnapIt Boards in 2019, nine new photo board designs have launched to rave reviews by photographers, bloggers, and small business owners. 

The latest design to join SnapIt Boards is Crystal Blush. BJ knew customers were wanting a blush-colored design and it proved to be more difficult than expected to get just the right shade of blush. Test boards arrived that were too pink, then too orange. It took every bit of the ninety days to land on a marbled blush tone that BJ felt would please the market. Pairing it with midnight as a double sided board wasn’t as creative a decision as expected - it was a business decision to bring the fresh design to market as quickly as possible and it seems to work. SnapIt Boards customers seem to love the contrast between light and dark. Coming up with the name “Crystal Blush”, as with most of the other photo board designs, taps into BJ’s instinct, her gut feeling. She stared intently at the board for what most might think is an extended period of time before the name just came to her.

Taking pictures of candy using the crystal blush and midnight SnapIt photo backdrop boards   Midnight and Crystal Blush SnapIt Boards photo boards   Candy photographed on the crystal blush photo backdrop board by SnapIt Boards   Crystal Blush up close - the latest photo board from SnapIt Boards

Whenever a new shipment of boards arrives at SnapIt Boards it’s like Christmas morning. BJ, her daughter-in-law, Becky Strahan and her granddaughter, like excited children tear into the boxes eager to inspect the boards. They don’t simply pick out boards and do random inspections. They inspect every single board and with a detailed eye, look for even the most microscopic flaw. If they aren’t perfect, they aren’t sold. Because of their strict quality standards, over the past two years SnapIt Boards has accumulated a sizable stockpile of rejected boards.

A new SnapIt Boards shipment arrived

The company’s focus on the future was born from a collection of damaged boards. The team decided to donate the boards with sample brackets to various photography classes at high schools and colleges in the Dallas area. BJ is thrilled with the opportunity to share photo design with the next generation, to give students a reason to enhance their photoshop skills to remove any noticeable defect in the photos. 

BJ spends a lot of time with Becky and other members of the Strahan family brainstorming new ideas for how to engage the SnapIt Boards community. Exposing the next generation and mentoring them toward a future of photo design takes BJ back to her own early childhood exposure to photography and design. But her challenge today is to add value, enhance the customer experience with the business and keep them engaged with a heightened level of eager anticipation for what’s next, what’s new and what’s trending.

So what’s next on the radar for this small business dubbed “her baby” by BJ? New designs, greater community engagement and mentoring the next generation of photo designers is definitely on the radar. BJ is thrilled with the direction SnapIt Boards has taken in such a short amount of time and the way the community has come to love the boards almost as much as she does. “It’s really turned into so much more than I could have ever anticipated! I can’t imagine where we could be in the future, but I’ll continue to listen to our customers and give them what they want,” BJ says.