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You Can Have your Cake and SnapIt too!

You Can Have your Cake and SnapIt too!

We got to visit (virtually, of course) with one of our very first customers this month, Andrea Jones. Andrea is a self-taught home baker in the Dallas area. Birthday cakes (of all kinds - fun, themed, gorgeous, simple, colorful - there's not a cake she can't do!) are her specialty, but she also makes decorated sugar cookies.

"It all started as me just trying to make nice cakes for my kids' birthdays because I couldn't afford the cakes at homemade bakeries, and grocery store cakes weren't what I was looking for. Then it turned into a friend saying I should do it for money, and it just spread by word of mouth. And now I stay pretty busy with orders," Andrea told us.

Why did you decide you needed SnapIt Boards, and how do you use them for your business? How often do you utilize your boards? 

As my business grew, I wanted the pictures that I posted of my work to look clean and professional. I wanted to do away with the cake-in-a-box photos. Now I use my SnapIt Boards 2-3 times a week to display my finished work. They really look so beautiful with the boards as a background. 

Where's your favorite spot to use your SnapIt Boards?

I usually just set them up on my dining table in front of my big windows with lots of natural light.

What benefits do you see when using your SnapIt Boards?

My pictures look professional and upscale, and my work is highlighted. 

Favorite combo?

My favorite combo is for sure the Whites Combo Pack. It's simple and lets my colorful cake work shine. 

Who do you think could most benefit from SnapIt Boards?

Anyone who wants professional, clean looking photos. From food bloggers, product reviewers, chefs, artists, bakers, anyone with something they want to photograph with many options to choose from.

Favorite thing about SnapIt Boards?

They are easy to set up and store!

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Andrea! We truly think ALL of her cakes are gorgeous and love that they can be highlighted using our SnapIt Boards! We promise her Instagram feed will have you craving cake. And, you might get a sneak peek at our newest board if you give her a follow @bakeiteasy_tx!