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The Real Deal for Product Photography
Flat Lay Backgrounds
When it comes to product photography, you want the focus to be your product. You don't want distractions to pull attention from what you're trying to feature. And what better way to keep the main thing, the main thing, than with a great background?!  We got to visit with Casey LaConte, owner of Real Deal Steel, and we wanted to share how they're putting SnapIt Boards to use with their product photography and especially as they launched into the social media... Read More
A New Photography Combo Pack - The Carry Pack
Flatlay Backgrounds
Our Mega Pack and Combo Packs have become fan favorites. We get it - buying the FULL mini-studio all at once makes photography life easy! So we're excited to introduce our newest combo pack - The Carry Pack.The Carry Pack includes one Indigo Sky SnapIt Board, one Rustic Rainbow SnapIt Board, and two SnapIt Brackets to connect the two boards. But this pack also contains one SnapIt Bag that is perfect for transporting your boards and brackets. A little more... Read More
SnapIt Boards are a Small Business Photography Solution
Photo Boards
With social media, sometimes you find an account and become a fan long before you know the person behind the photos! That was the case with Sara Amin...or as many know her as There's no denying the beauty in this photograph! Sara is the one-woman show behind her home bakery Patisserie De Zee. We recently asked her how Patisserie De Zee came about and what a fun story she has! Baking has always been a passion of mine. For me,... Read More
If you’ve ever operated in business, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “price, speed, quality - pick two”. It articulates the necessity to set expectations as it’s impossible to achieve all three. At SnapIt Boards, it can take as many as ninety days for a new design to come to fruition. With such stringent quality standards, the SnapIt Boards team, lead by Billie Jean “BJ” Strahan, is obviously in no rush to bring beautiful, high-quality photography background boards to their customers... Read More

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