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Photographing Seasonal Themes: Tips and Tricks
Photographing Seasonal Themes
Photographing Seasonal Themes: Tips and Tricks to Prepare As we are heading into fall, there are many amazing tips and tricks that you need to be prepared for if you want to have a great photography business! As seasons change, you may also change up your product offerings and will need to capture the change in your photos. The best part about photographing seasonal themes is that it changes your scenery and allows you to try new things. In this... Read More
Fall, Food and Color Captured with Photography
Rustic Board Background
Fall, Food and Color Captured with Photography Fall, food, and color all go hand in hand! When you think about fall, you think about the changing leaves and the beautiful colors. You also probably think about food - Thanksgiving turkey, crisp apples, warm and comforting soups, your family's favorite side dishes, delicious pies, and of course, all things pumpkin - pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and the cultural icon - the Pumpkin Spice Latte! So when you're putting together your fall... Read More
Camera Angles For Food Photography
Camera Angles For Food Photography
Camera Angles For Food Photography Now that you have the perfect mini studio with gorgeous SnapIt Boards backdrops, it's time to start shooting! So you grab your camera...but then you have the question about what angle you shoot from. Choosing the right angle is a crucial component to capturing great food and product photography! The good news is that there are really only three main camera angles to think through. First, the straight-on or eye-level angle. Capturing food like burgers or sandwiches stacked with... Read More
Great Food Photography Backdrops Will Make You Money
 Food Photography Backdrops
It's important to have a stable and good-looking background for your high-quality food photography because this will make the food pop! Having an organic and natural-looking background can completely change the feel and mood of your picture, making it either elegant or playful.  Your consumers are influenced by your food photography. If they see a piece of shrimp plopped on a wooden cutting board, they might not think the place is as clean or high-end as you advertise. A good-looking... Read More

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