About Us Old

SnapIt Boards was created by Billie Jean “Mimi” Strahan after seeing her  grandson working on a similar product. She and her husband Bruce have more than a combined century of experience starting and running businesses, and she grew up in a family of avid photo enthusiasts.  Business and photography was a natural fit. 

She has witnessed and participated in the photographic revolution, from her father’s Polaroid™ instant camera on which her childhood memories were captured, to the 35mm SLR she used to record her own family memories, and now on to the digital cameras and camera phones of today that are used by her grandchildren.

Mixed into all of that is her passion for interior design and making things look “just right” which has given her vast experience in learning how to create visual appeal.  Those talents and experiences have all come together into a new direction and passion with SnapIt Boards.

She is excited to carry on the vision her father had in photography to the vision she sees with SnapIt Boards.