Backdrop Boards for Food Photography

Food photography dates back to at least 1845 when William Henry Fox Talbot captured one of the first known food photographs of peaches and pineapples. He even made his own makeshift background by placing the food baskets on a table and cloth. Today, we have Backdrop Boards For Food Photography to create stunning surfaces ranging from antiqued wood to marble. 

How Do You Use Backdrop Boards for Food Photography?

There's no need to compromise the aesthetics of your work or struggle to recreate backgrounds with our SnapIt Boards. These backdrop boards for food photography (or other products) enhance your work instead of distracting from it. 

There's no need to scout for the perfect background or struggling with drop cloths and DIY light boxes, SnapIt boards are easy to set up in just a few minutes. Our brackets can connect each side of your SnapIt Boards to transform them into a seamless surface.

What Are SnapIt Boards Made From?

Our backdrop boards for food photography are sturdy and durable. We choose PVC foam and print the designs at 300 DPI. The foam is 1/4 of an inch thick, so your shoots look as realistic as possible. We thought about every detail and created the boards to be light and portable. They weigh in at just 1.6 lbs and 26 inches x 20 inches. Instead of taking all of your shoots indoors with bulky backgrounds and equipment, you can take SnapIt boards with you and get creative outdoors or another location.

Which Backdrop Boards for Food Photography Should I Try?

We created backgrounds that are flexible with a variety of designs to capture the look you want. Here are a few options from our expansive collection:

2-Sided Alabaster/Rustic White

Class-up your food photography with our Alabaster perfect white marble option and Rustic Whitewood to bring out your bohemian side. They're versatile for different looks, durable, and easy to clean.

2-Sided Aged Brick/Gray Haze

Get a combination of classic, timeless, and modern all at once with our 2-Sided Aged Brick/Gray haze SnapIt Boards. You'll love the feel of an on-location look that inspires your work.

The Carry Pack

Carry Pack easily transports all of your backdrop boards for food photography for your business or hobby. This set comes with an Indigo Sky SnapIt Board, Rustic Rainbow SnapIt Board, a set of two Snap It Brackets, and one SnapIt Bag. 

Are you looking for other ideas? See all of our entire selection of SnapIt Boards here to create the perfect look with our flat lay photography backgrounds. We regularly update our collection, so you have access to fresh, colorful designs.

Should I Use SnapIt Boards On Instagram?

Instagram is a playground for food photographers looking to showcase their work. While other content creators rely on static backgrounds or spend hours creating the best backgrounds, our SnapIt Board customers have everything they need to get their business or hobby up and running quickly. 

Check out our SnapIt Boards in action on our Instagram channel:


Can You Clean Backdrop Boards for Food Photography?

Yes! We know that food photography can get messy, so we created our SnapIt boards for easy cleaning. They're waterproof with a satin finish and are glare-free. If your backdrop boards for food photography get wet or food splatters, just wipe it away with a damp cloth to use again. 

Ready to Try SnapIt Boards?

Whether you're running an online business or love photography, SnapIt Boards are an ideal choice to enhance your work. Browse our selection of backdrop boards for food photography to bring new life to your photography and share with the world.