What Are Background Boards?

Background boards are an asset for photographers looking to set up professional-looking sessions on the go. Although the rise of smartphones and social media made photo backgrounds more popular, they actually date back to the 1800s. From around 1860 to 1920, photography backdrops were painted and used in some of the earliest photography studios. 

Today, we have more options than the traditionally painted backgrounds and later curtains and fabrics that rose to popularity in photo studios. Here's how Background Boards work, how to use them, and why you need them for your photography business or hobby.

background boards - SnapIt Boards

How Do You Use Backdrop Boards?

Unlike the oversized, painted backgrounds in early photo studios, backdrop boards are convenient and easy to transport. Our boards are popular with social media influencers, bloggers, product and food photographers who want the flexibility to take photos in different locations. SnapIt Boards are easy to put together by adding a bracket to each side of your SnapIt Board to connect two panels. The result is a connecting surface and backdrop to place your products or other items.

You can also use SnapIt Boards just about anywhere. Take them on an Instagram-worthy trip, outdoors, or to a content creator with whom you want to collaborate on a project.

Do SnapIt Boards Look Realistic?

Yes! We designed our background boards to look realistic with PVC foam and 300 DPI print quality. Whether you want a background that looks like rustic wood or sophisticated marble, our boards look realistic. Unlike slim, flimsy options, our SnapIt Boards are 1/4 of an inch thick and weigh 1.6 lbs.

What Background Boards Are Available?

We created backgrounds that are flexible with a variety of designs to capture the look you want. Here are a few options from our expansive collection:

Rustic Rainbow

Class-up your food photography with our Rustic Rainbow for a splash of cheerful colors. It cheers up any photoshoot and pairs well with food photography.

2-Sided Aged Brick/Gray Haze

Get a classic, timeless look with our 2-Sided Aged Brick/Gray Haze SnapIt Boards. You'll love the feel of an on-location look that inspires your work.

The Carry Pack

Carry Pack makes it easy to set-up a photo shoot on the go. This set comes with an Indigo Sky SnapIt Board, Rustic Rainbow SnapIt Board, a set of two Snap It Brackets, and one SnapIt Bag. 

Are you looking for other ideas? Browse our entire selection of background boards here. We regularly update our collection, so you have access to fresh, colorful designs.

Background Board Inspiration

SnapIt Boards give more depth and life to your photos. Gather some inspiration of our SnapIt Boards in action on our Instagram channel:


Are Background Boards Stain Resistant?

Yes, we know that photo shoots can get messy, especially if you work with food. Our background boards are easy to clean and were created with waterproof, satin-finish, and are glare-free. Wipe away any spills with a damp cloth and continue your photoshoot. 

Ready to Try SnapIt Boards?

Whether you're running an online business or love photography, SnapIt Boards are an ideal choice to enhance your work. Browse our selection of backdrop boards to bring new life to your photography and share with the world.