Best Background Boards

If you're a blogger, food photographer, e-commerce seller, or just love experimenting with product photography; you already know the challenges of finding suitable backgrounds for your creations. Instead of scouring for new options and just the right look for your photoshoots, you can rely on the Best Background Boards to enhance your setting.

Best Background Boards - SnapIt Boards

What Are the Best Background Boards?

How many times have you relied on a DIY lightbox or plain white background because there's no other options available? Instead of settling for less with your backgrounds, you can create stunning photos with the help of our SnapIt Boards. Our best background boards come in a variety of colors and patterns to produce professional results at a fraction of the cost.

When Should I Use the Best Background Boards?

There's no shortage of ways to use the best background boards to create a unique photoshoot. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Instagram posts
  • New products for your online store
  • Partnership between bloggers and brands showcasing new products
  • Recipe creations
  • Flatlay photography styles
  • Etsy stores
  • Digital and online marketing materials

You can also get inspired to use our best background boards by following us on Instagram for ideas and real-life examples.

Best Background Boards

The best background boards are an innovative way to bring new life to your creation. They can be muted or colorful to match the aesthetic of your store. Here are a few options from our gallery:

The Carry Pack

We love this convenient Carry Pack that comes with an Indigo Sky SnapIt Board, Rustic Rainbow SnapIt Board, a set of two SnapIt Brackets, and one SnapIt Bag. It's the perfect solution for an on-the-go photographer who only wants to use the best background boards.

Best Background Boards - SnapIt Boards

The Blues Combo Pack

The Blues Combo Pack comes with an Indigo Sky SnapIt Board, one Midnight SnapIt Board, and a set of two SnapIt Brackets for a stunning look.

Best Background Boards - SnapIt Boards

2-Sided Alabaster/Rustic White

Pick up this classic look for your next photography shoot. It comes with an Alabaster perfect white marble photo backdrop and Rustic White Wood board for the inner bohemian. 

Best Background Boards - SnapIt Boards

Are you looking for other ideas? See all of our SnapIt Boards here to create the perfect look with our best background boards.

How Do You Use the Best Background Boards?

We produce a variety of SnapIt Board themes and colors to create professional-looking results. Our brackets can help connect two of our boards and create a surface and backdrop for your photos. You can also use SnapIt Brackets to build your own photo box for our 5MM flatlay backgrounds.

Best Background Boards - SnapIt Boards 

What Are Background Boards Made From?

We want our best background boards to look as realistic as possible. We only print in high-quality 300dpi, make our boards durable, and create a satin-finished. Many of our fans also love using flatlay backgrounds for food photography and other items that can get messy. SnapIt Boards are easy to clean and wipe away spills, dirt, debris, and other mess. 

How Did SnapIt Boards Start?

Billie Jean "Mimi" Strahan started SnapIt Boards after getting inspired by her grandson working on a similar product. With the combined century of experience running and starting businesses with her husband, Bruce, they worked together to bring SnapIt Boards to life.

Mimi also grew up in a family of avid photo enthusiasts and witnessed and participated in the photographic revolution, from her father's Polaroid™ instant camera on which her childhood memories were captured to the 35mm SLR she used to record her family memories, and now on to the digital cameras and camera phones of today that her grandchildren use. Mimi's passion for interior design and making things look "just right" to create visually appealing experiences. She's passionate about carrying on the vision her father had in photography with SnapIt Boards.

Ready to Try the Best Backgrounds for Yourself?

Ready to take your photography to new levels? Browse our selection of the best background boards here to bring new life to your photography and enhance your online presence