Flat Lay Photography Background

The rise of smartphones leads to an advancement in professional-grade DIY photos. Just a few years ago, content creators weren't taking their own photographs; they relied on traditional cameras and uninspired backgrounds. The rise of smartphones led to an advancement in professional-grade DIY photos, but a problem remained—how can they look incredible without suitable backgrounds?

This is where the benefits of a Flat Lay Photography Background come in. You don't need to be a professional product photographer or invest in tons of equipment to create the look you want. Instead, you can use our done-for-you backgrounds to give your visual assets an upgrade for professional-looking results.

Flat lay photography background - Snap It Boards

What Is a Flat Lay Photography Background?

Flat lay photography uses a technique of taking photographs overhead from a birds-eye-view. It's a popular technique used by food bloggers or anyone selling products or showcasing work like jewelry. Sometimes flat lay photographs are also used as digital assets for websites and to create graphics for Pinterest and other sites. 

Here's where flat lay photography backgrounds come in. Instead of struggling to capture shots on a plain surface, Snap It Boards creates professional-looking backgrounds in minutes. Our flat lay photography comes in various colors and patterns to enhance your images.

When Should I Use a Flat Lay Photography Background?

There's really no wrong way to use a flat lay photography background. As long as it compliments your shoot, they're a win for your photography hobby or business. Food bloggers, Instagrammers, e-commerce store owners, and content creators all benefit from using our Snap It Board backgrounds.

Flat Lay Photography Background Options

We offer several backgrounds to compliment your flat lay photography. Here are a few options to kickstart your collection.

2-Sided Midnight/Crystal Blush

Double the fun of your flat lay photography background collection with our Double-Sided photo background boards. One side of our 2-Sided Midnight/Crystal Blush pack features a bold, sleek midnight design. The other side features Crystal Blush pink quartz marble with peach sophistication.

Woods Combo Pack

Why decide between flat lay backgrounds when you can have our Woods Combo Pack? This set comes with one Chuck Wagon SnapIt Board, one Rustic Rainbow SnapIt Board, and two SnapIt Brackets. 

The Carry Pack

Carry Pack is the perfect solution when you need multiple options for your photography business or hobby. This set comes with an Indigo Sky SnapIt Board, Rustic Rainbow SnapIt Board, a set of two Snap It Brackets, and one SnapIt Bag to carry it all to your next flat lay photography shoot.

Are you looking for other ideas? See our entire selection of SnapIt Boards to create the perfect look with our flat lay photography backgrounds. 

How Do You Use Snap It Boards?

Once you choose the flat lay photography background you want, our brackets can help you connect two boards to create a surface. You can also mix and match your backgrounds for a unique look. 

How Is a Flat Lay Photography Background Made?

We love photography and want our customers' work to look its best, so we created ultra-realistic backgrounds to turn your photos into an art form. Our team uses 300dpi and designs our flat lay photography backgrounds for ultimate durability, and are satin-finished. They're also easy to clean and simple to wipe away spills. 

Ready to Try a Flat Lay Photography Background? 

Photographers, bloggers, social media influencers, and content creators love SnapIt Boards to showcase their work and vision. Browse our selection of flat lay photography backgrounds now to bring new life to your photography and enhance your online presence