Flatlay Backgrounds

Flatlay photography has taken off over the last few years as more bloggers, photographers, and creatives turn to Instagram and other visual mediums to showcase their work. As the name implies, flatlay photography involves laying items flat and snapping an overhead shot from a birds-eye-view. 

What Are Flatlay Backgrounds?

Instead of snapping shots on a table or plain surface, overhead photography is enhanced by Flatlay Backgrounds. The backgrounds come in various colors to complement your image and give it more vibrancy, depth, or dimension.

When Should I Use Flatlay Backgrounds?

Flatylay backgrounds are perfect whenever you want to make your photography look its best. Use them just for fun, or try Flatlay Backgrounds for product photos, food photography, a jewelry shoot, and anything else you want to look its very best.

flatlay backgrounds for photography

What Types of Flatlay Backgrounds Are Available?

Flatlay backgrounds can be muted or vibrant and colorful, and it all depends on the objects you're arranging and the goal of your project. SnapIt Boards can be used as flatlay backgrounds and come in a variety of colors and themes. Here are a few from our gallery:

Woods Combo Pack

Why decide between flatlay backgrounds when you can have our Woods Combo Pack? This set comes with one Chuck Wagon SnapIt Board, one Rustic Rainbow SnapIt Board, and two SnapIt Brackets. 

The Blues Combo Pack

The Blues Combo Pack comes with one of our lovely Indigo Sky SnapIt Board, one Midnight SnapIt Board, and a set of two SnapIt Brackets. 

The Carry Pack

Our convenient Carry Pack comes with an Indigo Sky SnapIt Board, Rustic Rainbow SnapIt Board, a set of two SnapIt Brackets, and one SnapIt Bag to carry it all to your next flatlay photography shoot.

Brick and Marble Mega Pack

Dress up your photography with our stunning Brick and Marble Mega Pack. This set includes one 2-Sided Aged Brick - Gray Haze SnapIt Board, one 2-Sided Midnight - Crystal Blush SnapIt Board, and a set of two Eggshell White SnapIt Brackets.

Are you looking for other ideas? See all of our SnapIt Boards here to create the perfect look with our flatlay backgrounds.

How Do You Use Flatlay Backgrounds?

Choose the SnapIt Board theme and colors that help you reach your photography goals. SnapIt Boards are also easy to mix and match themes with our brackets to connect two boards and create a surface and backdrop for your photos.

Use our brackets to help connect each side of your SnapIt Board. You can also use SnapIt Brackets to build your own photo box for our 5MM flatlay backgrounds. 

What Are Flatlay Backgrounds Made From?

Our flatlay backgrounds are printed in ultra-realistic 300dpi and designed for ultimate durability, and are satin-finished. Many of our fans also love using flatlay backgrounds for food photography and other items that can get messy. SnapIt Boards are easy to clean and wipe away spills, dirt, debris, and other mess. 

Ready to Try Flatlay Backgrounds for Yourself?

Photographers, bloggers, social media influencers, and creatives at heart love SnapIt Boards to showcase their work and vision. Browse our selection of flatlay backgrounds to bring new life to your photography and enhance your online presence