Photo Backdrop Boards

Aspiring photographers, ecommerce sellers, and online influencers all have a similar problem: Finding fantastic backdrops for their photos. Instead of relying on Photoshop or struggling to create light boxes against a plain background, look to Photo Backdrop Boards to supercharge your creations. Here's how they work and why you need them for your online business.

Photo Backdrop Boards - SnapIt Boards

How Do Photo Backdrop Boards Work?

Photography is all about experimenting to get the best results, and you need backdrops that align with your goals. SnapIt Boards, or Photo Backdrop Boards, give more flexibility so you can take stunning photos while mixing and matching themes and color palettes. Browse our selection to pair with your products for eye-catching results. Just use our easy-to-use and straightforward brackets that connect two SnapIt board panels to transform into a surface and a backdrop for your photos.

What Are SnapIt Boards Made From?

Our SnapIt Boards are made from sturdy, thick PVC foam printed at 300 DPI. They're thick at about 1/4 of an inch and create photorealistic reproductions of the original backdrop image. Our photo backdrop boards weigh 1.6 lbs and measure 26 inches x 20 inches, making them easy to handle and transport anywhere you need to go. Our SnapIt Boards are also easy to clean are non-reflective for a no-glare experience.

Who Uses Photo Backdrop Boards?

Our SnapIt photo backdrop boards are perfect for food photographers and bloggers, YouTubers, jewelry makers, make-up artists, and brands who want to step up their visual game. They're also fun for anyone who wants to put away the plain backdrops and sheets to play around with photography and showcase their talents. 

Should I Use Photo Backdrops on Instagram?

Yes! Our Photo Backdrop Boards are popular for Instagrammers looking to capture more attention from their followers. Whether you're showing off a product or just want to spruce up your photos to make them stand out from the competition, our colorful SnapIt boards are an ideal choice. 

Photo Backdrop Boards - SnapIt Boards

How Else Can I Use SnapIt Boards?

Have you ever tried to come up with a unique, innovative gift for a seasoned photographer? They truly have everything related to photography and gadgets of all kinds that make their works of art look amazing. However, they're probably less familiar with SnapIt Boards and the wide variety of designs and backdrops we offer.

Whether you want to gift our Rustic Rainbow wood planks or marble-themed boards, we have an option for everyone. You can even store all of your Photo Backdrop Boards in our SnapIt Bag designed for the busy photographer on the go. 

Can You Clean SnapIt Boards?

Food photographers know that if you're going to use Photo Backdrop Boards, they need to quickly clean up from spills and without the risk of staining. We created our backgrounds to be highly durable, waterproof, and satin-finished for a glare-free effect. Just wipe away spills and food with a damp cloth and use them again and again. 

Ready to Try SnapIt Boards?

Whether you're running an online business or just love photography, SnapIt Boards are an ideal choice to enhance your work. Browse our selection here to bring new life to your photography and uplevel your online presence.