Photo Boards

Photo Boards - SnapIt BoardsIf you're a photographer struggling with creating the perfect backdrops, Photo Boards could help. Online programs like Photoshop and Canva don't replace the need for high-quality photo boards without going through a time-consuming process to make everything look seamless. Even with the proper technical manipulation, you still need the right lighting to create the perfect look. 

How Do Photo Boards Work?

We created our photo boards to empower photographers and content creators to produce the best images possible. Our SnapIt Boards mix and match colors to enhance your food or product photography. Photo boards are appropriate for a wide range of industries and interests, including jewelry makers, foodies, make-up artists, social media influencers, and artisans. We offer several options to align with your vision.

What Are SnapIt Boards Made From?

We use durable and thick PVC foam printed at 300 DPI for a realistic look for your photographs. They're also glare-free and come with a satin finish. Our photo boards are lightweight for ultimate portability and weigh 1.6 lbs and measure 26 inches x 20 inches. They're easy to transport to take them on the go to any of your photoshoots. 

Can You Clean SnapIt Boards?

Whether you take photographs of food or make-up, we know photo boards can get messy quickly. Our SnapIt Boards are waterproof and clean up quickly from spills. Take a damp cloth and wipe off your photo boards to use again and again.

What Photo Boards Should I Choose?

We created a variety of photo boards to mix and match for your photo shoots. Here are a few options from our collection to consider:

Indigo Sky

Our Indigo Sky photo board brings a touch of color to your next shoot. Unlock your inner artist with a marble backdrop board featuring light, soft swirls and patterns. 

Rustic Rainbow

Our Rustic Rainbow photo board is a vibrant and happy option for a spirited photo shoot. 

2-Sided Midnight/Crystal Blush

The 2-Sided Midnight/Crystal Blush photo board is provocative, sleek, and sophisticated. One side features midnight blue and the other a Crystal Blush pink quartz marble. 

Combo & Mega Packs

Why settle for just one or two photo boards when you can pick and choose from our Combo & Mega Packs? Each pack contains a variety of SnapIt Boards, like our Woods Combo Pack or The Carry Pack for on the go photo shoots.

When Should I Use Photo Boards?

There are endless ways to use photo boards to enhance your next photo shoot like a pro. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Instagram posts
  • New products for your online store
  • Partnership between bloggers and brands showcasing new products
  • Recipe creations
  • Flatlay photography styles
  • Etsy stores
  • Digital and online marketing materials

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Try SnapIt Boards for Yourself

Whether you're running an online business or just love photography, SnapIt Boards are an ideal choice to enhance your work. Browse our selection of photo boards to bring new life to your next shoot.