White Rustic Board

When you're trying to make your photographs look incredible and stand-out online, you need more than a great camera. You also need the right backgrounds to compliment your work and create a unique, captivating look that keeps people coming back for more.

Instead of relying on DIY backdrops and waiting for the best natural light to start your photoshoot, redefine what's possible in your creative work enhanced with the look of a white rustic board that enhances your product photography. 

Rustic Board White - SnapIt Boards

What Are White Rustic Board Backdrops?

Photographers and visual artists use our SnapIt Boards to create a backdrop for their work. Set your product, food display, or other items on a white rustic board backdrop or other option for a professional-looking photoshoot.

What Are SnapIt Boards Made From?

We created our backdrop boards to look as realistic as possible with sturdy, thick PVC foam printed at 300 DPI. They're lightweight and thick at 1/4 of an inch for a high-quality look. They're easy to transport and create surfaces and backdrops with our straightforward brackets. 

Which Photography Backgrounds Should I Use?

There are a wide variety of photography backgrounds to choose from. Here are a few from our collection to reimagine what's possible for your work.

2-Sided Alabaster/Rustic White

Why stop at just one SnapIt Board when you can have a 2-sided option featuring alabaster and a white rustic board aesthetic. Whether you want to keep it classy or embrace your inner bohemian, you'll have everything you need. 

Rustic Board White - SnapIt Boards

Rustic Rainbow

Add some color to your photography with our Rustic Rainbow option. Add some color to your photography with our Rustic Rainbow option. It's the perfect way to bring more life to your food or product shoot.

Brick & Marble

The Brick & Marble Mega Pack features a 2-sided Aged Brick and Gray Haze option and a 2-sided Midnight/Crystal Blush SnapIt board. This set comes with a set of two eggshell white SnapIt brackets to create a surface and backdrop and get creative with your shoot.

Who Uses Photo Backdrops?

There's no wrong way to use photo backdrops and rustic white board options. However, they are well-suited for:

Food Photographers - Many food photographers use our SnapIt Boards to create engaging and eye-catching photos. 

Brands - If you're building a brand and selling products, photography backdrops are ideal to create professional-looking photos.

YouTube and Instagram - Building a social media following requires captivating content. Create shareable photos with the help of a rustic board white or our other SnapIt Boards.

Jewelry Photography - Showcase your hand-made jewelry and curated collection with our elegant background boards. 

Make-up Photography - If you love creating make-up tutorials, show off your products with the help of a white rustic board or the rest of our SnapIt Board collection.

Your Unique Vision - There's no need to compromise your vision and replicate what everyone else is doing. Create your own vision with our photography backdrops to enhance your best work.

Can You Clean Rustic Photography Backdrops?

Whether you want a look that resembles a white rustic board or a colorful rainbow, our SnapIt Boards are easy to maintain and clean. Our team knows that food and product photography can get messy quickly and need flexibility in your shoot. We created easy to clean backdrops that are durable, waterproof, and satin-finished. A damp cloth quickly wipes away spills to use your backdrop boards again and again.

Ready to Try a White Rustic Board?

Ready to get started with all of our photography backdrop options? White rustic board backdrop boards are versatile, easy to use, and improves the quality of your photos. Browse our selection of backdrop boards for photography to bring new life to your photography and enhance your online presence.